Fool's guide to FIND

Carsten Gehrke carsten at
Thu Nov 21 08:58:04 PST 2002

At 13:49 21-11-02, you wrote:
>Can anyone point me to such a thing? With examples?  Don't reply 'man find'
>until you read to the bottom of it!

OK.  man find

>I have a very simple task: I want to recursively find files by name (e.g.)
>*.pdf, and I am quite happy to log to the appropiatre directory to search
>down.  In most cases I know the extension, but not the name. Does anyone ever
>do a simple task like that in linux? Does it take a line the length of a sed

how about

find . -name '*.pdf'


find /home/yourname -name '*.pdf'

if /home/yourname is not pwd

BTW, I did look it up in man pages, and I did read them to the end :-)  And 
I did find the apostrophes in an example (yes, the man page has such a thing).

Hope this helps.

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