Fool's guide to FIND

Heinz Kirchmann kirchman at
Thu Nov 21 08:53:38 PST 2002

> Can anyone point me to such a thing? With examples?  Don't reply 'man find' 
> until you read to the bottom of it!
Sorry. Find _is_ rather complex and cryptic.

> do a simple task like that in linux? Does it take a line the length of a sed 
> construction?
find <wheresoever> -name '*.pdf' -print

Some more examples from what I use as memo:
  - find $HOME \( -name a.out -o -name '*.o' \) -atime +7 -print
        print object files that have not been accessed for a week
        ( -atime -7: less than a week, -atime 7: exactly a week)
        -ctime ... files whose status have not been changed for a week...
        -mtime ... files that have not been modified for a week...
        -user <uname>  files that belong to user <uname>
  - find . ! -type l -exec chmod o= {} \;
        change permissions of 'others' to 0 for all files that are NOT a link
  - find . -depth -print
        print all files below . (deepest nodes first)
  - find . -name RCS -prune -o -newer now -type f -print
        print all files newer than file 'now', skipping RCS directories
    Types: b  block special file        c  character special file
           d  directory                 l  symbolic link
           p  fifo (named pipe)         f  plain file
  - Options:  -follow    follow symbolic links


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