The shame of it! (an Email query)

Declan Moriarty declan.moriarty at
Thu Nov 21 12:30:00 PST 2002

<start tale of woe>
OK, I was root, and executed
rm -rf /usr/src/gpsim

The disk started clattering. When it didn't stop, I hit ctrl_c and found that 
in my legacy installation (mandrake 8.0) it had apparently done

rm -rf  /usr/*

/usr/src was there, /usr/bin was gone, along with /usr/share, and half of 
/usr/lib. This threw me back on a rather immature LFS system with no e-mail. 
After a day of farting about with xmail (Easy to configure!?), the hint, the 
manual (which I had downloaded), I decided to eat crow, reinstall kde in 
mandrake, set up kmail, and bleat for help. Mandrake took the notion to 
"format" by unlinking directories, so I got a clean sweep of that partition, 
and a messed up /etc/fstab on lfs. The shame of it!
<end tale of woe>

Who has XMail going? I need some help there. I have it built, and installed, 
It will start and stop (starts about 15 processes actually) but seems to take 
in nothing. I also have mutt installed there to configure and get going.

Is there any way to find out what xmail is thinking? Am I correct in thinking 
that it should collect mail from my isp and dump it in 
/var/MailRoot/domains/ How do I get mutt or 
anything else to fetch that.?

the hint says
Assuming your ISP presents a simple unencrypted (old-fashioned) POP3 service,
you need to know your login name (you-at-isp) and password
(your-isp-pop-password)and the address of the POP3 server.

	/usr/bin/CtrlClnt -s -u root -p ciao \
	poplnkadd richard \ you-at-isp your-isp-pop-password CLR

This will set up an automatic synchonisation between XMail and your pop3 

But when I try the equivelant of that I get error 40 - and it trips over the 
-s option (chateau.dec in this case) which is the server listed in, and a subdir of  MailRoot/domains/

The hint also says:
You will see the various XMail threads start up, and if all looks stable you
have a working XMail.  If you can start another terminal session, a second 
or login on another tty, then you can command XMail (see next session) and 
the debugging output.  When you are happy, hit Ctrl-C and abort the run,
watching XMail shut down it's threads gracefully.

I can't get any debugging output :-o. /var/MailRoot/XMail --debug just exits.

I'm willing to believe the fault is mine, but I would like to be able to fix 


	Declan Moriarty
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