Heinz Kirchmann kirchman at
Thu Nov 21 04:46:16 PST 2002

> my questions are: is this just an older version of freetype as was
> installed at the beginning of chapter 26 (freetype-2.1.2)? are both
> versions really needed?
You only need the old version to _compile_ ttmkfdir. There is no need
to install freetype-1.3.1, just build (i.e. make, but do _not_ 
install). Then build ttmkfdir linking against statical freetype 1.3.1 
library (ending on '.a'). After that you can remove freetype 1.3.1 from 
your harddisk.

To use the freetype 1.3.1 stuff you have to add the corresponding
parameters during compilation/linking of ttmkfdir (i.e. add
'-I<ft-1.3.1-header-directory>' and
'-L<ft-1.3.1-lib-directory> -l<lib-name-without-lib-and-extension>'
to the corresponding Variables in ttmkfdir's Makefile. Before linking 
remove any dynamical libraries of freetype 1.3.1, i.e. those with 
extension .so)


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