Kile-1.3 -- a more global approach

Csaba Henk ekho at
Wed Nov 20 17:51:41 PST 2002

On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, James Drabb wrote:

> Sometimes the --without-blah option will work even though it
> is not in the ./configure --help output.  What I usuall do is
> open the top level makefile and search for SUBDIR.  Somewhere
> in that list will be the subdirectory for the part that is failing.  You
> can just delete the directory that you don't  want to compile.  However,
> if kile _needs_ the code in that subdirectory then this appraoch will
> not work.  What kind of build errors are you getting?

 I cited the failure messge in my earlier mail on Kile... but, happy to
say it, now it is of no importance, because finally I could figure out the
problem (with a help of a friend of mine) and the prog compiled. 
 The solution was the following: I had to insert "#define QT_NO_STL" to
the beginning of the problematic .cpp files, which -- as we could figure
out from the header qstring.h of Qt -- resolved the error "ambiguous
overload for `std::string& = QString&' operator".

Thanks, Csaba 

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