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James Drabb JDrabb at
Wed Nov 20 16:14:00 PST 2002

On Wed, 20 Nov 2002 22:41:10 +0100 (CET)
Csaba Henk <ekho at> wrote:

>  Hi!
>  You can see, in fact my question is not Kile-related: how can I
>  disable a feature of a program, if there is no direct
> "--without-..." option for configure? But, of course, if you show
> me a Kile-specific solution, I'll be quite happy with it... 
> Thanks, Csaba 

Sometimes the --without-blah option will work even though it
is not in the ./configure --help output.  What I usuall do is
open the top level makefile and search for SUBDIR.  Somewhere
in that list will be the subdirectory for the part that is failing.  You
can just delete the directory that you don't  want to compile.  However,
if kile _needs_ the code in that subdirectory then this appraoch will
not work.  What kind of build errors are you getting?

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