Kile-1.3 -- a more global approach

Csaba Henk ekho at
Wed Nov 20 13:41:10 PST 2002

 I posted a mail on my compile failure with Kile (formerly known as
KTeXmaker). No one answered it :-( 
 OK guys, you don't use it, you don't know what it is, I see. However, now
I can put the thing in a less Kile-specific way, so you can answer my
question even if you don't know Kile. 
 So the problem is: besides its base function (being a TeX editor) Kile
also intends to be a GnuPlot frontend. For this aim, it uses code from
Xgfe (X GnuPlot Frontend). This code is kept in a subdirectory (called
gfe), it has its own Makefile, etc. And this is the problematic part, it's
making this GnuPlot stuff what fails (Xgfe is a quite obsolete code -- it
was written for Qt-1.32!). I don't need it so much, so I could be quite
happy with a "--without-gnuplot" configuration option, or thing like that. 
Anyway, there is no such facility given, so I should do it myself. My
question is: what should I hack to disable compiling the gfe part? I tried
erasing the content of the target "all" in the gfe Makefile, but then the
lack of the supposed gfe binaries gave the error. 
 You can see, in fact my question is not Kile-related: how can I disable a
feature of a program, if there is no direct "--without-..." option for
configure? But, of course, if you show me a Kile-specific solution, I'll
be quite happy with it... 

Thanks, Csaba 

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