So how do I get packages??

Tushar T tush at
Tue Nov 19 19:30:16 PST 2002

Brian Auld wrote:

>Is it presumed that any package you need as part of BLFS you need to
>download from your original host environment until you get enough
>network packages installed (ftp etc...) to be able to talk to the
>outside world on your LFS platform?
Yep. Your work is far from over after installing LFS. Depending on the 
type of network connectivity, you will need to download additional 
packages using your host system. For example if you are on a LAN with a 
fixed IP, you need to modify /etc/resolv.conf. If you are on a LAN with 
DHCP, you will need dhcp package, ....

LFS just gives a basic "development" system to build on. There was a 
similar discussion with many replies some months back. Check the 
archives via google.

>In order to bypass the initial inability to talk to the outside world on
>lfs, do people continually boot back and forth from original host to
>lfs, or do they boot their original host system, and then do their lfs
>stuff in a chrooted window?
>Or, do they do something else?
Most of the people download any additional packages they need before 
rebooting. Or use the host system to download packages.

Tushar Teredesai
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