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Nils Holland nholland at
Tue Nov 19 13:18:06 PST 2002

Hi folks,

as you will know, the BLFS book suggests that users install fcron on their
systems. fcron does in fact work fine, as I have been able to find out
myself, but I have one LFS machine on which I would rather run good old
Vixie Cron. However, the problem is that it won't compile :-(

If someone's already gotten Vixie Cron to work on his LFS system, I'd be
grateful for any hints, patches, etc. If not, but if someone's willing to
have a look at it, simply go to and
download the three files in that directory. Part0{1,2} are shell scripts
that you need to make executable and run in order to unpack the cron source
files contained therein. Then apply Patch1. One could now tweak the
Makefile a little bit, but I guess that's not really neccessary for
testing. So simply run "make" and see GCC complain. A few changes to the
source files will most likely fix this problem, but I thought before I try
to make such changes and cause even more trouble, I'd rather first ask if
someone's already successfully gotten Vixie Cron to work. ;-)

As I said, any hints are welcome.


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