CUPS Re-installation fails

Richard A Downing richard.downing at
Tue Nov 19 01:05:18 PST 2002

Hi Guys,
I tried posting this in the CUPS mail list, but no one replied...  I'm just 
hoping that fellow LFS-ers might help me out here.

I was having printing problems with a new build of LFS 

I deleted (I think - I used GIT) all the files installed by cups-1.1.15, 
espgs-7.05.5, and gimp-print-4.2.3.  Then I rebuilt the three packages from 
sources, in this order, configuring as follows:
1) espgs-7.05.5  ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-gimp-print --with-x
2) cups-1.1.15 ./configure
3) gimp-print-4.2.3 ./configure  --prefix=/usr --with-cups --with-ghost

I then used my browser to configure in my printer (Canon BJC-7000 on

Now I can't get anything to print at all.  So I set debug2 in the cupsd.conf
file, the tail of error_log is as follows, which is not entirely helpful!

D [17/Nov/2002:21:03:52 +0000] print_job: request file type is
D [17/Nov/2002:21:03:52 +0000] check_quotas: requesting-user-name = 'root'
D [17/Nov/2002:21:03:52 +0000] print_job: requesting-user-name = 'root'
D [17/Nov/2002:21:03:52 +0000] Adding default job-sheets values
 "none,none"... I [17/Nov/2002:21:03:52 +0000] Job 6 queued on 'bjc7000' by
D [17/Nov/2002:21:03:52 +0000] Job 6 hold_until = 0
D [17/Nov/2002:21:03:52 +0000] StartJob(6, 0x809be30)
D [17/Nov/2002:21:03:52 +0000] StartJob() id = 6, file = 0/1
E [17/Nov/2002:21:03:52 +0000] Unable to convert file 0 to printable format
for job 6!
D [17/Nov/2002:21:03:52 +0000] CancelJob: id = 6
D [17/Nov/2002:21:03:52 +0000] CloseClient() 4
D [17/Nov/2002:21:03:52 +0000] CloseClient() 3

What else can I look at to find what's wrong?

This identical configuration is working fine on another system.  I should
mention that this system is an LFS built with glibc-2.3.1 and gcc-3.2.1(cvs)
- but it was at least printing before I tried the rebuild of the printer
Cheers, Richard.
Richard A Downing FBCS

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