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Sun Nov 17 20:50:20 PST 2002

Greg Donald wrote:

>In each of the following installs the VERSION variable refers to the 
>version you are installing and the PREVIOUS variable refers to the 
>previous version of the package installed. So set the variables 
>accordingly. If you are installing the package for the first time, do not 
>set the PREVIOUS variable. Set the VERSION variable to the version you are 
Yep, e.g. if you are installing docbook-dsssl-1.77 and you already have 
an existing installation of docbook-dsss-1.76. The PREVIOUS=1.76 and 
VERSION=1.77. If this is the first time install of the package, PREVIOUS 
is undefined.

>The easiest way to use the instructions are to save the instructions into
>individual files and then source the file.
>Source the file?  Is this like how I would source my .bash_profile after 
>making a change to it?  Or do I copy and paste the commands into a shell 
>script, then execute that in the source directory?  That seems to be what 
>is implied, but I cannot be sure.  My LFS system is a new install, so what 
>is PREVIOUS supposed to be set to?
Basically you could copy the commands for docbook-dsssl to a file named 
build-docbook-dsssl and then use "export VERSION=1.77; export PREVIOUS; 
source build-docbook-dsssl".

>I think everything was installing correctly up this next part, I was just 
>doing the commands one at a time manually, but then I got stuck.. How 
>exactly do I install docbook-sgml-dtd (3.1, 4.1, 4.2)?  When I unzip the 
>.zip files, I have some files wanting to overwrite other files.  Is there 
>some prefered directory structure when doing this section?  What are 
>"VERSION" and "V" supposed to be set to?
After you install one package, you are supposed to remove the sources. 
VERSION is the dtd version you are installing, you don't have to bother 
with V, the build instructions sets it based on VERSION.

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