Getting a computer dial in to the internet after a phone call

Joern Abatz mail at
Sun Nov 17 03:01:32 PST 2002

> Was it Daniel Brewer who wrote on Friday 15 November 2002 15:40:
> > Hi there,
> >
> > I gave a dial in internet connection that I cannot afford to leave
> on
> > all day.  The problem is that sometimes I would like to access it
> from
> > work.  Is there any possible way to do this.  Ideally I would like
> to
> > be able to phone my home number from a phone and then when I stop
> the
> > call for the computer to automatically dial up a stay on for say 30
> > mins.
> >
> > I have linked into diald a bit but it seems as if you have to dial
> from
> > a computer to a computer which is not what I'm really looking for as
> my
> > work pc has a permant connection.

I think, what you need is mgetty, not diald. You want to do it all with
only one modem and a dial-up connection on each side, right? Ok, that's
quite a bit of a challenge.

With mgetty you can log into your machine with a terminal program and
say something like 'nohup sleep 60 ; pppd ...' (IIRC you can also make
mgetty (or vgetty) start a program automatically.) Then you would hang
up, connect to the internet, and then wait for your home machine to
start up pppd and run its ip-up script, which tells you its IP address
somehow (send mail or ftp it onto your homepage).

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