What devices was Re: loop and mount...

Simon Geard delgarde at ihug.co.nz
Sun Nov 17 01:41:07 PST 2002

chris.danx wrote:

> chris.danx wrote:
> > What's wrong?
> Doh!  Ne'er did the next bit where you copy the kernel to the host 
> system, /sbin/lilo -v, etc etc.
> Now I have the loopback working and am working on the floppy.  What 
> devices do I not need?  I used the script to generate the dev files
> and the blfs book said to remove those not needed from the floppy.  I
> have only /dev/hdb{,1,2,3,4}, /dev/hda{,1,2,3,4}, for my hdd
> partitions but as for the rest I don't know, except to keep proc,
> loop, zero and random.  I've only removed tty{x} where x was greater
> than 9 or alphanumeric and unused hd* entries so far.
> The system has a floppy drive, cdrecorder, dvdrom, keyboard, usb
> mouse, ethernet card, monitor, and soundcard.  What should (or can I
> safely) I remove?

Have you considered using devfs? It's pretty much ideal for that kind of
thing, since it will automatically manage all the devices the kernel
says you have, and won't create the ones you don't need. No need to
worry about any of it yourself.

I've never tried it on a floppy, but works fine on the boot cd I created
a while back - can't think of any reason it wouldn't work.

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