What devices was Re: loop and mount...

destinyXi destinyxi at yahoo.ca
Sat Nov 16 15:08:07 PST 2002


> > What's wrong?
> Doh!  Ne'er did the next bit where you copy the kernel to the host 
> system, /sbin/lilo -v, etc etc.
  yep... that's what i initally thought.

> Now I have the loopback working and am working on the floppy.  What 
> devices do I not need?  I used the script to generate the dev files and 
> the blfs book said to remove those not needed from the floppy.  I have 
> only /dev/hdb{,1,2,3,4}, /dev/hda{,1,2,3,4}, for my hdd partitions but 
> as for the rest I don't know, except to keep proc, loop, zero and 
> random.  I've only removed tty{x} where x was greater than 9 or 
> alphanumeric and unused hd* entries so far.
  you have to keep kmem, console, and such, read the HOWTO on it from
www.tldp.org; i can't remember off hand what are vital.

> The system has a floppy drive, cdrecorder, dvdrom, keyboard, usb mouse, 
> ethernet card, monitor, and soundcard.  What should (or can I safely) I 
> remove?
  you want them all to work from the floppy?
  you'd need the fd0 device for your floppy
  you'd need the scd0 device for your cd recorder
  you'd need the bbtv devices for your dvdrom
  you'd need the kbd device for your keyboard
  you'd need the usb entries for your usp stuff (don't forget to include input
core support into your kernel)
  you'd need the dsp device for your soundcard (and links of course)

  read the how-to, but the above stuff you definately need for full
functionality of all the above devices.  (unless i skipped something, in which
case you'd have to excuse me)


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