What devices was Re: loop and mount...

chris.danx chris.danx at ntlworld.com
Sat Nov 16 14:25:58 PST 2002

chris.danx wrote:

> What's wrong?

Doh!  Ne'er did the next bit where you copy the kernel to the host 
system, /sbin/lilo -v, etc etc.

Now I have the loopback working and am working on the floppy.  What 
devices do I not need?  I used the script to generate the dev files and 
the blfs book said to remove those not needed from the floppy.  I have 
only /dev/hdb{,1,2,3,4}, /dev/hda{,1,2,3,4}, for my hdd partitions but 
as for the rest I don't know, except to keep proc, loop, zero and 
random.  I've only removed tty{x} where x was greater than 9 or 
alphanumeric and unused hd* entries so far.

The system has a floppy drive, cdrecorder, dvdrom, keyboard, usb mouse, 
ethernet card, monitor, and soundcard.  What should (or can I safely) I 


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