Keys in X

DJ Lucas dj_me at
Fri Nov 15 14:50:49 PST 2002

Esteban de Echevarría wrote:
> I have one of those multimedia keyboards that have a bunch of extra
> keys to control some functions...and I want to assign some of them
> to, for example, start xmms or mozilla, lower and raise the volume,
> etc, anybody knows how to do this?

If you press the keys at the console, do you get an error message
similar to 'unknown scancode ##' ?  if so, that's the scancode to use
that in your xkb and WM config files.  I found a really good site on it
once..think I used google.  Search around a little bit and you may find
somebody has already done the legwork for your particular keyboard.  Use
the keywords 'scancode' and 'Intellipoint' maybe.


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