gcc 3.2

Carlo Borelli cborelli at complanet.ath.cx
Fri Nov 15 14:48:31 PST 2002

Ok, in pre-stage you buil gcc 3.2 with compiler you have available,
I ask myself: the optimization used with the gcc whatever you are using
are rights for the gcc 3.2 pre-stage?
And the final product is optimezed?

On Fri, 2002-11-15 at 23:35, DJ Lucas wrote:
> Carlo Borelli wrote:
> > Beside you, it's better build gcc 3.2 with gcc 2.9x or with gcc 3.2?
> > It seems an amletic question. To be or not to be?
> Idealy it should not matter.  IIRC (can I make that bigger?) The 'make
> bootstrap' command builds gcc once with the old compiler, then uses the
> new compiler that was just built to build another copy of itself, and
> that to build a third copy.  Then the build script compares the 2nd and
> 3rd copies to make sure that they are identical.
> Please, somebody correct me if this is not *exactly* correct.
> In the end gcc-3.2 is actually used to build 3.2 if you use the build
> instructions from the book.

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