busybox date

Allen Crider spam at swnews.net
Fri Nov 15 07:48:07 PST 2002

Joe Morris wrote:

>> Look at how your usenet or email headers express time. They use then
>> rfc822 specification for expressing time as utc plus or minus time zones.
>> If you are in Central Standard Time, you can express the time as UTC
>> -0700. I was incorrect with my first suggestion, the timezone needs to be
>> expressed as 4
>> digits. Busybox's docs say their date supports the  -R option, so give it
>> a try.
> So, do you mean I simply do a 'busybox date -R'?  Doing this prints:
> Fri, 15 Nov 2002 20:22:11 +0000
> How do I change the +0000?  How do I get it to express UTC as -0600?
> Joe

Hmmm.... the more I look into this the more I'm getting stumped. It seems 
none of the options can be combined. Date -Ru only gives me the -R option 
and the -uR only gives me the u option. I found that 'export TZ=CST' 
doesn't work but doing a:

causes date display the set timezone.
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