HDD advice?

Duncan Webb duncan at dwebb.ch
Fri Nov 15 07:41:42 PST 2002

"Ian Molton" <spyro at f2s.com> writes:
> duncan at dwebb.ch ("Duncan Webb") wrote:
> *windows* might be the cause of the problem matrox describe, but not the
> hardware.

Possibly, I agree. They do say that a drive, particularly a CD-ROM,
connected to the slave on the same controller port will slow down the
transfer rates.

> > so it is possible that either your controller or cable is
> > B0rk3n.
> Unlikely. my original 20G ran /very/ fine, and the original defective WD
> also ran fast.
> > Do you have another PC to try the disk drive in
> No. well, not one that is capable of running the drive to its max
> speed...

There is another possibility, the BIOS of a SpaceWalker motherboard that I
installed reported that I should be using an 80 way cable for it's
controller but still worked. I guess that you've already tried this ;-).

Have fun,

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