Sendmail installation path

Billy O'Connor billyoc at
Fri Nov 15 03:28:15 PST 2002

Chris Wesdorp <chriswesdorp at> writes:

> >> I was not able to reproduce this problem with the BLFS commands.  The
> >> man pages get installed in /usr/man/man{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}, as they
> >> should.

> > I hope i have some time this afternoon the see if i can give you a
> > script the reproduces the problem.
> >
> Finally i had some time to look at the error, here it is. I'm building
> my new server-software on a PIII for a PI (i586). when compiling
> sendmail i wanted to have an obj.Linux.2.4.19.i586 instead of a i686
> dir. For this i changed the arch="" to arch=i586 in
> devtools/bin/Build, but by doing this the script refuses to lookup the
> other variables like OS en kernel version. That's why it creates such
> strange settings for the paths.
> What we can learn from this? Never change anything when you don't know
> what you're doing :-).

Ah, I see.  One of the uname hacks in the x86 cross compiling hint
should do the right thing without having to mess with any Build
scripts or Makefiles.

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