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Chris Wesdorp chriswesdorp at
Fri Nov 15 01:39:53 PST 2002

Chris Wesdorp wrote:
> Billy O'Connor wrote:
>> Chris Wesdorp <chriswesdorp at> writes:
>>> As you may all know ./Build -n <option> only prints the commands the
>>> will be executed in the real world. So ./Build -n install will do a
>>> installation without installing the files. I noticed that the script
>>> installs the man-pages in /usr/share/man/cat{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}.
>> I was not able to reproduce this problem with the BLFS commands.  The
>> man pages get installed in /usr/man/man{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}, as they
>> should.
<< cut >>
> I hope i have some time this afternoon the see if i can give you a script 
> the reproduces the problem.
Finally i had some time to look at the error, here it is. I'm building 
my new server-software on a PIII for a PI (i586). when compiling 
sendmail i wanted to have an obj.Linux.2.4.19.i586 instead of a i686 
dir. For this i changed the arch="" to arch=i586 in devtools/bin/Build, 
but by doing this the script refuses to lookup the other variables like 
OS en kernel version. That's why it creates such strange settings for 
the paths.

What we can learn from this? Never change anything when you don't know 
what you're doing :-).

Chris Wesdorp

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