question about devices and block numbers

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Thu Nov 14 14:17:02 PST 2002

 --- Steven Stimpson <steven2 at> wrote: 
> hello and thank you for reading this. someone on this lsit suggested to read 
> the devices file in the linux documentation to get a better understanding 
> of devices. as told i am doing that but now I have some questions. ill 
> present thier graph below
>  3 char Pseudo-TTY slaves
>                   0 = /dev/ttyp0        First PTY slave
>                   1 = /dev/ttyp1        Second PTY slave
>                     ...
>                 255 = /dev/ttyef        256th PTY slave
>                 These are the old-style (BSD) PTY devices; Unix98
>                 devices are on major 136 and above.
>     block       First MFM, RLL and IDE hard disk/CD-ROM interface
>                   0 = /dev/hda          Master: whole disk (or CD-ROM)
>                  64 = /dev/hdb          Slave: whole disk (or CD-ROM)
>                 For partitions, add to the whole disk device number:
>                   0 = /dev/hd?          Whole disk
>                   1 = /dev/hd?1         First partition
>                   2 = /dev/hd?2         Second partition
>                     ...
>                  63 = /dev/hd?63        63rd partition
>  Notice how it says 3 in the upper left hand coorner. so does that mean if I 
> wanted to mknod the 63rd partition they talk about i would do mknod b 3 63?
> Or does the three just refer to the fact that this is the third paragraph?
> thanks for any info for the newbies...
> STeven
  well, i'm unsure... but probably means that it's character device 3, but on
the other hand, the next paragraph doesn't have a major device number.

  however, the command mknod b 3 63 wouldn't be correct... b = block device,
and tty type devices are characters... but the major & minor nodes are right.

  if you're a little bit bash-scripty savy, you can look at the MAKEDEV (some
distros call it MKDEV, i personally put it in /sbin, and make all the pathnames
accepted by $1 and by default it uses /dev)


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