probe order of compiled-in NIC drivers

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Thu Nov 14 00:48:41 PST 2002

At 00:15 14-11-02, you wrote:
>On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 12:07, Dan Osterrath wrote:
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> >
> > > > /etc/modules.conf, and all works well.  However, I don't want loadable
> > > > modules.  The kernel version I am using is 2.4.19.  The on-board NIC is
> >
> > > Add to your /etc/modules.conf:
> > > alias eth0 (tlan driver module name)
> > > alias eth1 (tulip driver module name)
> >
> > Can you see your mistake? *g*
>Oh there was no mistake.  If he can't get the ether= line to work, then
>he's recieving a subtle hint from the universe that he should be using

I can't take hints, especially not from the universe.  Changing the order 
of the objects (linking tlan.o before tulip.o) in the Makefile fixed the 

>Of course, this is from making the assumption that he is actually
>managing to pass the ether= settings to the kernel in the proper manner,
>which more likely to be the error on my part.

Other parameters I am passing seem to be recognized by other parts of the 
kernel, and even the two NIC drivers (if they are the ones responding to 
reserve= settings).

The long-term solution would be to implement the recognition of ether= 
settings by these drivers.  I'm digging through the source code to find 
that problem...

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