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Thu Nov 14 00:05:13 PST 2002

On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 09:33, Chris Wesdorp wrote:
> Hi,
> i searched through the mail archives of the last six months manually, 
> because the search-engine doesn't work at the moment. Sorry if this 
> topic came up earlier. But that's not what this mail is about.
> I'm trying to run sendmail for my new server. It all works well, i'll 
> just have to adjust the configuration and it will be running. But when 
> executing the ./Build -n install command something strange came up.
> As you may all know ./Build -n <option> only prints the commands the 
> will be executed in the real world. So ./Build -n install will do a 
> installation without installing the files. I noticed that the script
> installs the man-pages in /usr/share/man/cat{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}.
> If the scripts are installed at that location the man-progam can't find 
> them. I changed all the makefiles for the programs in the obj... dir. 
> Don't worry, i wrote a little script (run in the obj-dir):
> for dirname in $(ls --color)
> do
> 	cp $dirname/Makefile{,.backup}
> 	sed 's/man\/cat/man\/man/g' $dirname/Makefile.backup > \
> 		$dirname/Makefile
> done
> This is done after the ./Build command, that builds all stuff in the 
> sendmail-package.
> I wondered if there is another fix for this?

Yeah, don't use the Build command.  make and make install work just fine
for this one.  Attached is a shell script which there's no way you'll be
able to use (because you don't have the _rest_ of what goes with it) but
which should illustrate rather clearly what commands are really
necessary to get the thing to install.  I really have never seen this
weird behaviour you describe for this reason.

(Just remember that the script itself is for making a transplantable
binary package, suitable for installing on a buncha stuff, so it does
some things in an unusually indirect fashion.  Don't let it panic you.)
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