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Chris Wesdorp chriswesdorp at
Wed Nov 13 07:33:17 PST 2002


i searched through the mail archives of the last six months manually, 
because the search-engine doesn't work at the moment. Sorry if this 
topic came up earlier. But that's not what this mail is about.

I'm trying to run sendmail for my new server. It all works well, i'll 
just have to adjust the configuration and it will be running. But when 
executing the ./Build -n install command something strange came up.

As you may all know ./Build -n <option> only prints the commands the 
will be executed in the real world. So ./Build -n install will do a 
installation without installing the files. I noticed that the script
installs the man-pages in /usr/share/man/cat{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}.

If the scripts are installed at that location the man-progam can't find 
them. I changed all the makefiles for the programs in the obj... dir. 
Don't worry, i wrote a little script (run in the obj-dir):

for dirname in $(ls --color)
	cp $dirname/Makefile{,.backup}
	sed 's/man\/cat/man\/man/g' $dirname/Makefile.backup > \

This is done after the ./Build command, that builds all stuff in the 

I wondered if there is another fix for this?

Chris Wesdorp

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