2 docbook hint questions

Richard Lightman richard at nezumi.plus.com
Wed Nov 13 04:43:38 PST 2002

* Tim Holterhus <lfs at holterhus.com> [2002-11-13 12:03]:
> I'm trying to follow the instructions according to the docbook hint and 
> seem to run into 2 problems:
> - docbook-sgml-dtd 4.2 (docbook-4.2.zip) does not have a patch file 
> and/or Makefile, hence the "make install" fails
I have used this for docb(|oo)k(3[01]|41|412|42), and it builds gnome.
I do not know enough about docbook to say if it is correct:

ls *.dcl &>/dev/null && install *.dcl /usr/share/sgml/docbook/sgml-dtd-${version} || true
install *.dtd *.mod /usr/share/sgml/docbook/sgml-dtd-${version}
sed -e 's at DTDDECL *"[^"]*" *"\([^"]*\)".*@SGMLDECL \1@' -e '\%ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES%d' docbook.cat >/usr/share/sgml/docbook/sgml-dtd-${version}/catalog
install-catalog --add /etc/sgml/sgml-docbook-dtd${version}.cat /usr/share/sgml/docbook/sgml-dtd-${version}/catalog
install-catalog --add /etc/sgml/sgml-docbook-dtd${version}.cat /etc/sgml/sgml-docbook.cat

> - docbook-dsssl 1.77 does not have a Makefile, "make install" is not 
> possible too
mkdir -p /usr/bin /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets/{dtds/decls,lib,common,html,print,test,images}
cp bin/collateindex.pl /usr/bin
cp catalog /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets
cp VERSION /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets
cp dtds/decls/docbook.dcl /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets/dtds/decls
cp lib/dblib.dsl /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets/lib
cp common/*.dsl /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets/common
cp common/*.ent /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets/common
cp html/*.dsl /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets/html
cp lib/*.dsl /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets/lib
cp print/*.dsl /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets/print
[ -d test ] && cp test/*.dsl test/*.sgm /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets/test || true
cp images/*.gif /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets/images
install-catalog --add /etc/sgml/dsssl-docbook-stylesheets.cat /usr/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl-stylesheets/catalog
install-catalog --add /etc/sgml/sgml-docbook.cat /etc/sgml/dsssl-docbook-stylesheets.cat

> Am I just missing the obvious? Help, please!
I found all the makefiles and patches associated with docbook annoying
for one reason or another. They could have been made to work with
more than one version, or follow the conventions used by other

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