probe order of compiled-in NIC drivers

Carsten P. Gehrke Carsten at
Tue Nov 12 23:01:42 PST 2002

Does anyone know how to change the order of the NIC probes?  I have 
compiled in the TLAN and tulip drivers.  The TLAN interface needs to be 
eth0, the tulip card must be eth1, but since the tulip card is probed 
first, the names are reversed.  I have tried many variations of boot 
parameters (ether=17,0x8400,eth0 ether=18,0x6400,eth1 and permutations with 
reserve= and 0 (autoprobe) for IRQ or address), but the drivers appear to 
ignore them.  The cards are on PCI busses; the TLAN on the motherboard bus 
and the tulip on the I/O cage bus.  Since the TLAN interface is on the MB, 
I can't switch card positions.  I have read in one or two locations that 
the PCI cards ignore the boot parameters, but then there are dozens of 
documents which state that these ether= statements cure all naming evils.

I have looked through the drivers/net/Space.c file in the kernel source 
tree, but can't find anything there that relates to these two interfaces.

If I compile the tulip driver as a module, I can control it the 
/etc/modules.conf, and all works well.  However, I don't want loadable 
modules.  The kernel version I am using is 2.4.19.  The on-board NIC is 
TLAN-based, and uses IRQ 17 and I/O 0x8400.  The Linksys NIC is handled by 
the tulip driver, and uses IRQ 18 and I/O 0x6400.  I would prefer not to 
change any of these parameters.


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