Problems with the gimp1.2.3 n gtk+

cll muzh muzh at
Tue Nov 12 15:01:48 PST 2002

> Hmmm.  I have had the opposite experience.  Gimp 1.2.x has crashed on
> me too many times where as the latest (as of last night) Gimp 1.3.x
> has behaved well.  : )
> Jim Drabb
> --

I agree. Gimp-1.3.x with gtk+/glib-2.0.x is much more stable than gimp-1.2.x 
with gtk+/glib-1.2.x.
However, gimp-1.3.x is still not very functional -- large parts of it are 
still missing, and some parts (eg convert bezier curve to selection) segfault 
on invocation --

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