BLFS from host?

chris.danx chris.danx at
Tue Nov 12 13:58:34 PST 2002

Archaic wrote:

> You have to be careful what you build and when you build. Remember, the
> packages have to be able to test everything from the configure script so
> many of the base packages will need to be in place first. Also, if your
> running kernel is used to configure a package, then things may change
> after you start running your new kernel.

Right now all I want to do is get the initial post LFS scripts working 
and setup a few libs (openssl, libxml, libxml2, libxslt, pcre, popt). 
When I get back from uni tommorrow, I'm gonna build the big modules from 
LFS itself.

On another issue I've noticed that checking a disk takes a lot longer on 
LFS than on SuSE even though the drives sizes are similar.  Why is this? 
  Do I need to tweak the lfs setup?  SuSE is running on an ext3 
partition while lfs is on an ext2 partition.  Is that the difference? 
On my SuSE drive, the disk is 0.3% noncontiguous.  On LFS it is 9.5%. 
Can you defrag linux partitions?


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