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Mon Nov 11 08:11:47 PST 2002

On Mon, Nov 11, 2002 at 09:38:59AM -0500, Useko Netsumi wrote:
> 0. should fit on 100MB disk and 16MB memory
> 1. real basic kernel with some(complete) IDE & PCMCIA CARD drivers supports
> 2. it should have iptables,networking(DNS,FTP,ssh, routing and other basic
> networking) functionalities.

First off, these are ALL Beyond LFS (BLFS). You spammed 6 lists and
didn't even hit the right list. 

Secondly, your question sounds like you are asking someone to tell you
explicitly how to do all of the above. There have been lots of people
putting in lots of time to create content on this site and the web in
general. You can find a myriad of info out there. LFS is both a
functional tool and a learning one. By now, it would be assumed that
some ideas about building software should have been learned and such
broad questions would be left to those who have no desire to figure
things out for themselves. There are of world of sources with which to
learn. First, the hints and BLFS book are an obvious first step, then
README's and INSTALL's found in the packages you want to compile (search,, if you need to find
packages). If after reading the info and diligently trying to figure
something out that still doesn't work, then check the mail archives for
the specific problem. If all of the above fails, then post your specific
problems (to the correct list), and what you did to try and solve them
and you will probably be flooded with emails from people willing to


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