compiling X, stopped with no error msg

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sun Nov 10 18:18:46 PST 2002

Guanglei Du wrote:

>when I compile the X, the process stopped here
>ln -s ../../lib/Xau/AuGetBest.c AuGetBest.c
>rm -f AuFileName.c
>ln -s ../../lib/Xau/AuFileName.c AuFileName.c
>rm -f AuRead.c
>ln -s ../../lib/Xau/AuRead.c AuRead.c
>rm -f ks_tables.h makekeys makekeys.o
>gcc -o makekeys -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -march=i686  -ansi -pedantic -pipe    -I../.. -I../../exports/include   -Dlinux -D__i386__ -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=199309L -D_POSIX_SOURCE -D_XOPEN_SOURCE -D_BSD_SOURCE -D_SVID_SOURCE  -D_GNU_SOURCE   -DFUNCPROTO=15 -DNARROWPROTO -DXTHREADS  -D_REENTRANT -DXUSE_MTSAFE_API    -DMALLOC_0_RETURNS_NULL  -DHAS_SNPRINTF -DLIBX11   util/makekeys.c  -lpthread   -Wl,-rpath-link,../../exports/lib
>./makekeys < ../../exports/include/X11/keysymdef.h > ks_tables_h
>make[3]: *** [ks_tables.h] Interrupt
>make[2]: *** [includes] Interrupt
>make[1]: *** [includes] Interrupt
>make: *** [World] Interrupt
>there's no error msg and even not any CPU using, the CPUmeter drops to 0%. the last 4 lines of Interrupt 
>showed after I pressed ctrl+c.
>the BLFS and LFS version is CVS 20021023, the X is 4.2.1 ( applied by a 4.20-4.2.1.diff patch )
>I recompiled gcc and tried different CPU flags in host.def but still can't get thru it.
>this version of BLFS has been installed successfully once, all the packages keep the same, I am trying to
>set it up the 2nd time, however............... T____T  it drove me nuts. @#@$!!#@@#!
>how can I solve it, except for recompile all the package again. 
First of all, don't include adversisements or non-relevant attachments
or when posting to this list.
Second, reconfigure to not send in html format.
Third, set your mailer to wrap at 72 columns so we can read your message
without scrolling.

That said, it would appear that you have a hardware problem. There is
nothing in any build process that I've heard of that generates an interrupt.
-- Bruce

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