Problems with GNU screen

Henrik Jacobsson henrik.jacobsson.1245 at
Sun Nov 10 14:47:34 PST 2002

Hi all.

I have a problem with the configuration of Screen - the displaymultiplexer.

Installation went fine and all, but I can't get the applications to load
 their rc-files at startup when inside the Screen-environment.
Bash forgets it's aliases and show me no colours, links have the default
 configuration, not the one in the '.links'-directory etc.

This is on LFS-3.3
Screen version 3.09.13

Anyone have tried Screen and know a way to solve this?

(a quick'n dirty solution i came up with is to write some shell-scripts
 that passes parameters to the executables, and instead of calling the 
 executable, I call the script. But there must be a neater way of doing it)

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