CUPS Printing problem

l0v3ris at l0v3ris at
Sun Nov 10 11:30:10 PST 2002

> > > E [08/Nov/2002:21:41:40 +0100] Unable to convert file 0 to printable
> > > format for job 4!
> > > --------------------------------------------
> > >
> Could be a configuration problem, although I think it's far fetched IMO.
> It always has worked! Before...
> btw:
> How comes cups to the notion that it's file "0" that needs to be
> converted? I see things like c00004. Quite different if you ask me.
> --
Actually the file is called file 0 because the commands used to print can
take multiple files at the command line. If you use, for example:

lpr thisfile thatfile theotherfile

then thisfile will be file 0, and thatfile will be file 1, etc...  I guess
if I really wanted to I could go hunting for that print statement and add a
+1 (just like that homework assignment about how to use arrays  haha)
one of the tiny perks of open source eh?  But I still cant get it to print..
even with esp... I must be missing something...


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