Where next?

Simon Geard delgarde at ihug.co.nz
Sun Nov 10 01:44:37 PST 2002

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> For the BLFS packages, there is no comparable project.  You need to
> keep an eye on the packages you use and upgrade as necessary. 
> Remember, you don't have to upgrade to the latest release of every
> package.  I'm sure there are a lot of folks still using version 2.2 of
> the kernel and kde version 1 and are quite satisfied.

Nothing official, certainly. I'm sure that a number of us have our own
systems for automating everything. In my case, I was bored enough a
while back to try implementing a basic dependency-tracking system in
shell script (yes, it would have been a lot easier in almost any other
language you could name, but I was bored). In any case, I can now run
the command "build xmms", and it will try installing all the following

pkgconfig audiofile glib freetype2 esound libxml libao xfree86 libogg
libvorbis gtk+ xmms

...according to the dependencies specified on each file it needs to look
at. Takes a bit of maintenance when upgrading package versions, but
works well enough for my needs.

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