Where next?

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Sat Nov 9 22:10:48 PST 2002

Richard Pinnell wrote:

>Ok I've been using Linux for a few years now tried all
>the distros... and now LFS it's taken me over a month
>to get everything installed, mozilla kde 3.1 (beta)
>java etc and I'm pretty chuffed.  Yea it's the best
>one yet!  but How do I upgrade? the truth is I've
>compiled so much stuff I can't remember what I've
>done. I certainly don't want to compile it all again.
>So what do I do when LFS 5 comes out.  Or how can
>upgrade easily?
>Thanks to everyone on this list for the help
For LFS proper there is the Automatic LFS project (ALFS).  On the other 
hand, you can upgrade the LFS packages individually.  The only really 
tricky packages are glibc and bin-util.  I don't try to install over 
those, but build LFS from a script.  Takes about 2 1/2 hours on my box.

For the BLFS packages, there is no comparable project.  You need to keep 
an eye on the packages you use and upgrade as necessary.  Remember, you 
don't have to upgrade to the latest release of every package.  I'm sure 
there are a lot of folks still using version 2.2 of the kernel and kde 
version 1 and are quite satisfied.

  -- Bruce  

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