About the uclibc-lfs.txt hint

Michaël Tousignant evanidus at videotron.ca
Sat Nov 9 14:35:34 PST 2002

Just to inform whoever is interested in the uclibc-lfs hint: 

This hint will not be updated due to new lack of interest in uClibc (ain't 
planning to use uClibc anymore, will use OpenBSD for the system I was going 
to use it on and glibc+LFS for others)

If someone is interested in updating it, here is a few known information: 

>From uClibc 0.9.14 to uClibc 0.9.15, the ncurses 5.2 (uClibc one) and file 
3.39 patch are not needed anymore (problem was fixed by uClibc authors) 
Also, from what I heard you need to use INCLUDE_FULL_RPC=true in order to 
compile "ipcs" from util-linux properly although "I did not" try this 
myself. Another solution is just to avoid building it.

Note: .14 and .15 had some problems with dlopen which "should" (untested) 
be fixed in .16. There was also some "unchecked by me" user/group IDs 
weirdness (cannot give more details). Unknown if fixed in .16.

Starting from uClibc 0.9.16, static perl is not needed anymore as the 
initfini.pl script was replaced by a awk script (initfini.awk) which 
can be interpreted by Gawk installed by default in chapter5.

The uClibc-0.9.14 patch from the hint works on both .14 and .15. It is 
mostly rejected by 0.9.16 as it totally changed its configuration system.
uClibc 0.9.16 now uses a config system a bit like the linux kernel.
(make menuconfig, make oldconfig etc...) The problem is that these 
(including make defconfig, make allyesconfig etc..) all requires the a 
configuration program written in C to be compiled which requires a libc. 
A solution would be to build it before chroot or do a major patch (heh)

Note: I was planning to either fix modutils or add busybox's modutils for 
next hint update but that won't be done. Unknown if recent modutils + uclibc 
.16 works. Was also planning to remove all information related to LFS 
non-4.0 and also stick by LFS 4.0 packages (excluding gcc 3.2 (if someone 
want to fix its libio and other libstdc++ related things, go ahead. (Another 
solution would be to use STLport and have gcc 3.2 compiles only the compiler 
(personally preferred not to add more packages and fixed gcc 2.95.3)))


I will not give further uClibc/uclibc-lfs hint support.

-Michaël Tousignant (Evanidus)
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