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Paul Sprakes paul at
Thu Nov 7 15:25:09 PST 2002

On Thursday 07 November 2002 08:08, Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Search for fblogo on fm or sourceforge. Read the man page for
> instructions. No need for a patch (allthough you could get the Linux
> Progress Patch - use the archives for a link).
> Don't forget to reset the console in your bootscripts. Also, append to
> your kernel line in lilo or grub "console=/dev/tty8 CONSOLE=/dev/tty8"
> which will make the kernel output all messages on console 8, leaving
> your bootlogo intact.

I've just found/made quite a neat solution. I came across a program called fbv 
- a framebuffer image viewer. So I run it early in my init process to view a 
large boot image (1280*1024). A problem with this is that it waits for user 
input before it continues the boot, so I modified the code to just display 
the image and exit. Now the image is displayed until it is overwritten (when 
X starts up).

A minor problem with this is that the image doesn't display until the kernel 
has been unpacked and starts the init process, so there is a blank screen + 
penguin for a couple of seconds. However it has the added bonus of not being 
constrained by bit depth and doesn't bloat the kernel. You can also change 
the boot image at any time without recompiling the kernel. I could also call 
it several times during boot to display different images to emulate an 
interactive splash, but that's probably overkill :)

Thanks, Paul

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