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> I've never learned to program but really want to learn C and/or C++.I've 
> looked all over the web for the documentation but all I can find is 
> win32 crap.
  starting with C/C++ is a difficult undertaking;  perhaps you could look at a
lesser difficult programming language to start with, i vaguely remember BASIC
or Turing (both available free somewhere on the web)
  failing those two, you want to learn C/C++, you may want to try a scripting
lanugage called PHP ( to get the hang of it, before moving to

>  Does anyone know of introductory level tutorials or docs that where 
> written just for linux?Not only do I want to build specific apps to my 
> needs but also help with those that already out there but in desperate 
> need of help.
  Well... As an introductory programmer you may have problems keeping up with
the high speed and complexities of most of the open source stuff out there,
i've personally been programming for almost 15 years and some of the opensource
utilities out there i find mind boggling (look at the source code for openssl
  What i suggest is that you look for stuff on linux programming on

>  The truth is,my hate for M$ is so strong that I think I can make a 
> difference (and will one way or another)and I refuse to learn anything 
> that company has put out.I don't have a lot of money so going out and 
> buying a book is almost impossible.If anyone can help then *Please* do.
  If you require personalised assistance, i taught Grade 12 computer
programming in C/C++ in my past and would be willing to offer any assistance i
can over email/chat

best of luck to you either way
destinyxi at

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