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On Thursday 07 November 2002 23:16, you wrote:
> I've never learned to program but really want to learn C and/or C++.I've
> looked all over the web for the documentation but all I can find is
> win32 crap.
>  Does anyone know of introductory level tutorials or docs that where
> written just for linux?Not only do I want to build specific apps to my
> needs but also help with those that already out there but in desperate
> need of help.
>  The truth is,my hate for M$ is so strong that I think I can make a
> difference (and will one way or another)and I refuse to learn anything
> that company has put out.I don't have a lot of money so going out and
> buying a book is almost impossible.If anyone can help then *Please* do.


A good book to start with would be "beginning Linux Programming" (ISBN# 
1-874416-68-0), if you want a reference of the libc functions, just type 
'info libc' in your console :)
For C++ i would recommend "The C++ Programming Language" (by Bjarne 
Stroustroup, the creator of C++) ISBN# 90-430-0231-3 (this is for the dutch 
version), however it might not be the best book to start with. For beginners 
"" is a nice place to start.
If you want to overload c++ iostreams, i'd recommend "the C++ iostreams 
handbook" (by Steve Taele ISBN# 0-201-59641-5)
something interesting:

(replace the X by a number from 1 to 10)
which is a performance test between linux and windows functioncalls (memcpy, 
pipe/socket functions, etc...)

> Thanks

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