Programming in Linux

Joe Morris heartboy at
Thu Nov 7 13:48:06 PST 2002

> While we're at it, does anyone know of tutorials for people who already
> know C/C++ well but want to learn how to build apps under Linux? That
> stupid college I'm in right now has only thought me C/C++ under MSVC (in
> fact, I have a MFC homework due soon, bleh).

My stupid college, though they have a small Red Hat lab, makes many deals with 
Microsoft.  In fact, my English teacher called it "a deal with the devil".  
I'm gonna be writing a paper soon on the open source movement.  Maybe I can 
get her to convert :) She already expressed an interest in OpenOffice.  As 
far as programming in Linux, I don't program too much, but I do recommend the 
book Linux Programming by Example, by Kurt Wall.  It highlights using make, 
gcc, ncurses, Berkeley DB, system calls, and other handy tidbits.
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