KDE & xhost

Paul Sprakes paul at sprakes.co.uk
Thu Nov 7 11:44:06 PST 2002

I'm having a problem launching KDE file manager in super user mode when logged 
in as a normal user (i.e nothing happens). Apparently, this has something to 
do with xhost and a dir in /tmp called mcop-<usrname>.

According to a bug comment at kde.org the fix for this is to rm the mcop dir 
and type "xhost +" before going to init 5 and this works. The problem is it 
doesn't survive a reboot and apparently "xhost +" is a security problem as it 
could allow anyone on the net to access my machine.

So the questions are:

Where should I stick the xhost command?

If xhost + has security problems, what should I use.

Thanks, Paul.

P.S. I've tried reading up on xhost & xauth, but it's not making sense. The 
docs seem to assume your already familiar with X (which i'm not).

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