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luis jure luisjure at
Wed Nov 6 10:46:36 PST 2002

el Tue, 5 Nov 2002 19:13:21 -0500
James Drabb <JDrabb at> escribió:
> How do you get around the rpm database not having any of the base system
> files in it?  I tried rpm on lfs once, however, I always got depency
> problems for system packages and had to use --no-deps.

for one thing i must say that i don't use rpm to install pre-packaged
binaries, if you are referring to those; in my experience they usually
don't work well, if at all, outside the environment where they were

i use rpm -together with checkinstall, as i said- only for the installation
of packages i build myself from sources. those rpms don't have information
about dependencies or anything; they always install, and if configure and
make went well, they should work fine.

that way i have what *for me* is the best of both worlds: my own binaries,
and a database that lets me a) uninstall cleanly, b) easily know what's
installed and where in my system.

that said, let me tell you that now that i have a fresh lfs 4.0, yesterday
i spent a couple of hours reinstalling all the packages with rpm. after
installing the first time i kept the directories with the sources, so this
time i only had to run via checkinstall some installation scripts. i don't
know if that will satisfy dependencies checking for rpms created for other
distributions, though.



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