GNOME-PRINT not found

dildir at dildir at
Wed Nov 6 05:23:41 PST 2002

Dagmar d'Surreal (dagmar at wrote:
> By, which should be in whatever passes for libdir on your
> system.  The first header you list _could_ be the right one, excepting
> that if it is, it was installed in the _wrong_ prefix, since gnome-print
> 0.37 is a Gnome 1.x application, not Gnome 2.x.  ...and to make
> _certain_ you get the point, I'll say again, you need gnome-print 0.37,
> NOT the gnome-2 print packages, judging by the makefile output you
> posted.
> Obligatory comment that things would be magnitudes easier if the dratted
> Gnome section adhered to FHS.
> -- 
Thank you Dagmar,

That worked.  I had installed gnome-print(0.37) in /opt/gnome2.  Now it is in
/opt/gnome as well.  Hmm.  Is there an easy way of getting rid of it in

I guess if you want linux, sooner or later you have to get interested in
Gnome as well.  Probably true for KDE too.  

Bye ya


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