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Eric Dillenseger eric at
Tue Nov 5 10:48:58 PST 2002

<citation de="Simon Roby">
>> From a config point of view, it'd be nice to have a pure SCSI system,
>> so I could drop IDE altogether. Unfortunately, hard drivers are much
>> more expensive, burners are more expensive and slower, and DVD drives
>> are non-existant as far as I know (not to mention the cost of a
>> controller).
>> Simon.
I'm sorry but SCSI DVD drives exist (yes, true!).
SCSI CD burners are slower? well how much milliseconds you win between 18x
in scsi and 24x in IDE?
If you don't burn 100CDs per day it's not a problem to burn a disc in 5"30
than in 5".
Of course SCSI is more expensive, but I'll never build a server with IDE
The IDE bus was designed to be a "cheap" interface to connect harddisks -
and is therefore not optimized for other devices. The IDE bus is well
suited for harddisks - connecting other devices however demonstrates the
limitations of the IDE bus.
The SCSI-BUS in contrast was designed to be able to connect all types of
devices right from the start.
In particular from the support questions we get, we can see that SCSI CD
writers cause significantly less problems than IDE CD-writers.

As seen with all the noise about IDE burners on the mailing list.
Don't take it as a personnal offense, i'm just bored of this thread that
should move to lfs-chat at this point, I think.

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