libfam & libstdc++

Tushar T tush at
Tue Nov 5 07:06:37 PST 2002

Tim Holterhus wrote:

>I've been compiling the KDE snapshots recently (3.1 RC2 right now) and I 
>get the following message in various places:
>/usr/bin/ld: warning:, needed by /usr/lib/, may 
>conflict with
>It's not a show stopper, but I wonder wether I can do anything about 
>this? Will it break fam if I just remove
Looks like you have upgraded from gcc-3.1 to gcc-3.2. The C++ packages 
that were compiled with gcc-3.1 (e.g. fam) are linked agains When compiling KDE with gcc-3.2, it tries to link 
against and against Since both of these are 
linked against different versions of the same libraries, kde ends up 
being linked to both,5}, which are not compatible with 
each other and may cause problems further down. Hence the warning.

BTW, fam will definitely break if you remove

I would suggest that you recompile all the packages that are linked 
against with gcc-3.2. Then again it is a warning, so it 
may not cause problems.

Usually when I upgrade any package, I do a diff on the install logs and 
remove the left over files. Of course before removing, I verify if any 
package is linked to a library I am removing and recompile that package.

Tushar Teredesai
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