Compiling Java

Chris Lingard chris at
Tue Nov 5 01:27:34 PST 2002

Richard Pinnell wrote:

> Yes I am if I type env I get:
> ALT_MOZILLA_PATH=/mnt/mandrake/home/me/java
> However the output at the begining of compilation is:
> bash-2.05a$ linux i386 1.4.0-ttcompiled build started:
> 02-11-04 21:39
> bash: linux: command not found
> bash-2.05a$ current working directory =
> /mnt/mandrake/home/me/java/control/make
> bash: current: command not found
> bash-2.05a$ build machine =
> bash: build: command not found
> bash-2.05a$ TOPDIR = ./../..
> bash: TOPDIR: command not found

linux i386 1.4.0-ttcompiled build started: 02-11-04 16:21
current working directory = /java/home/java/control/make
build machine =
TOPDIR = ./../..
CONTROL_TOPDIR = ./../../control
GENERICS_TOPDIR = ./../../generics
HOTSPOT_TOPDIR = ./../../hotspot
J2SE_TOPDIR = ./../../j2se
MOTIF_TOPDIR = ./../../motif

>From the Makefile
 @$(ECHO) current working directory = `$(PWD)`

and PWD is set to pwd, in common/Defs.gmk

Check that the Java build environment has a good PATH
Re-check your environment variables again and again

See the Makefile start
include $(BUILDDIR)/Platform.gmk
include $(BUILDDIR)/common/Defs.gmk

You can grep for things that are not being set.


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