CD writer (Was: Back Up Your Data - CD Burner Promotion)

Joe Morris heartboy at
Mon Nov 4 15:16:48 PST 2002

> Why?
> ATAPI is merely SCSI commands (well, a significant subset) over the IDE
> bus.
> its as real a SCSI system as etherSCSI or firewire. it just coexists
> with another protocol on the same wire.
> and compiling ide-scsi as a module DOES work. I have done it for every
> kerenel I ever used (starting way back in 2.2 for X86 and 2.0 on ARM).

My question is why is it necessary in the first place? You would think that 
enabling atapi cd support in the kernel would be enough. Why is the SCSI 
emulation necessary?
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