struggling along the serial port trail

Alan Womack arwbackup at
Mon Nov 4 13:27:22 PST 2002

 >>  > /dev/ttyS01 does some some activity, but it is all ^@ which if IIRC, is
 >>  a
 >>  > null 00 character, and is shown that way from od -v /dev/ttyS01

 >>  You know more than I do about your installation, but I thought  COM2 was 
 >>  /dev/ttyS1, not /dev/ttyS01. 
 >>  -- 

I expected that as well, but they really are set up at ttyS01 vs ttyS1.  I saw some mention whilst struggling along about a change in the kernel so as to not end up with hex letters when over 9.  IIRC

Thanks to another hint about killing the baud_base, I have some ibuttons happily being read on ttyS01 now.  Will work on ttyS02 later when I need it.  I have ports 2-4 sharing IRQ15 and it doesn't quite seem happy yet.

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