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On 03 Nov 2002 18:10:20 -0600
"Dagmar d'Surreal" <dagmar at> wrote:

> After you've spent a few years administrating large networks and
> dealing with other system administrators who can't tell their backups
> from a hole in the ground, your attitude will change.  I could really
> care less what software he was asking about.  What rankles for me is
> that he was asking about something he _certainly_ should have already
> known how to do, because it was ridiculously simple (remember, you
> don't have to run the _listening_ daemon to _send_ mail with sendmail)
> and because he was basically asking to be handed a _solution to an
> implementation problem at his office_.  But hey, if you want to help
> underskilled administrators hide their gross ignorance so they can
> keep their jobs, I'm not stopping you.

Hmmm, so any _new_ administrator out there does not deserve help?  Or
they deserver to be called underskilled?  I have been a programmer for 6
years and I just had two new (just out of school) programmers join my
team.  They ask tons of questions.  If I took your approach I would be
yelling at them all day.  There are people at all different levels. 
Everyone has to start somewhere and there will always be people with
more experience and less experience then you.  Maybe a nicer approach
would have worked better.  Something as simple as, "search the mailing

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