Can only access net with ping

David C david at
Sun Nov 3 17:50:40 PST 2002

I have installed Lynx and am getting an error about being unable to 
connect to host. From the console I can ping internet IP's such as my 
ISP's DNS, but pinging gives an unknown host error.

I know this is some sort of configuration error on my part, but I can't 
seem to figure out where. I've compared files between my RH host and 
LFS but that's didn't help.

My setup is ADSL -> NAT router -> HUB -> my computer.

The router's IP is, and my computer is

My RH host accesses the net perfectly. Any ideas?

Here is my $LFS/etc/hosts file:

# Begin /etc/hosts (network card version) localhost.localdomain localhost snoopy

# End /etc/hosts (network card version)

And here is etc/sysconfig/network:


What am I missing?

By the way, is just an old domain I still own 
and was using to experiment with getting a mail server running on my 
router/firewall. Perhaps that's causing some sort of problem, though as 
I said my RH 8.0 host works fine.

The router/firewall is a Linux box running ClarkConnect:

This is an incredible distro I would highly reccommend to anyone.

David C.
Linux user #277013
david at desolateonline dot com

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